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The Kingdom of Awe is a blog about finding the wonder in all things, big and small. I’ve found the best way to achieve that is through seeking new experiences and knowledge.

And so you’ll find posts on a range of topics from my own writing updates, to discussions of fantasy, science fiction, mysticism, physics, philosophy, and the small struggles and triumphs of daily life. 

The unifying thread tying it all together, however, is the sense of awe we can all share together towards this amazing adventure we call existence.

A. A. Sadr

Like many people, the first time I read the Lord of the Rings as a young kid I was caught by the awe and wonder in its pages. That started a life-long addiction to fantasy and science fiction that continues to this day with the things I love most to watch, read, and write. 

I have a BA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Comparative Mysticism from the University of Chicago. Besides writing, I spend my time teaching courses on Rumi’s poetry, publishing the occasional peer-reviewed article in academic journals, and submitting stories to various magazines.

Currently I’m working on a series of fantasy novellas that I hope to be able to share with everyone soon.

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