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True Wisdom Seems Foolish (mini-post)

There’s a line in the Tao Tse Ching that’s extremely humbling: “True wisdom seems foolish.” It’s such an important reminder that no matter how much we think we know, no matter how much we’ve progressed or advanced, we can still be blinded by our own biases.

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DC and Marvel Multiverses

God vs. Multiverse Round Deux!

The Marvel Multiverse is a complex collection of alternate universes, branching off as the different outcomes of events into multiple different realities. DC Comics has its own version of the multiverse and there are tons of television shows, movies, and books that explore the consequences of reality being made up of multiple branching universes. What’s insane is that a lot of scientists and physicists actually believe some sort of real-life Multiverse exists.

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Rumi’s “The Song of the Reed”

Most traditional interpretations of “The Song of the Reed” see it as a statement about man’s existential position in the universe so that, similar to a reed cut from the river bed, humans are shown to be separated from the Divine Beloved and it is this separation that causes us humans to cry out in lamentation.

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